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naum 7/18/2011
2001 Toyota Echo Base 4 Cyl 1.5L - Engine
i have check ingine light can i fix.obd code it say pq171 system too lean
2 Answers
  • k+dtrans+auto
    k+dtrans+auto 7/19/2011
    check for a vacuum leak.
  • michael ward
    michael ward 7/30/2011
    where do i find this vacuum
    michael ward
    michael ward 7/30/2011
    can i get this part at a part store . or can i order from a toyota parts place
    and also can i fix this my self. can i get an book on this 2001 echo toyota
    and there is other's thing's iwant to fix on 2001 toyota and other parts
    this will be my first time. i have things that i want to learn about not i don't
    have the money to take my car or my Truck to a shop to get it fix and i want
    to fix it myself.Every thing i do i will be glad and the help from AutoMd
    i going to let my family know.

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