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Carlos 4/15/2010

2003 Lincoln Aviator Base 8 Cyl 4.6L


Check Engine Light....

i have a 2003 Lincoln Aviator, and i'm having some issue with my engine. these are the symtoms that i'm experiencing: when i come to a full stop on a light, the truck starts shaking and the Engine light, which is always on, starts blinking...i've been having this problem for awhile now. the first thing that i changed was the #7 coil, which the OBDII detected. after that i change the spark plugs and also one of the injectors on #7 coil side as well. is there something that i've neglected to change or overlooked?...desperate.

thanking you in advance.

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HouseCallAuto 5/5/2010

Is there any chance that you replaced the incorrect coil. #7 is the third coil back on the driver side and I think that you need to check the electrical connector and harness for a broken wire that would be just like a bad coil.

Did some other research on a database I access. There could be an issue with the PCM itself or with the cylinder head (I personally doubt it) but there is little info about it, for example >>

2004 Lincoln Aviator 4.6L
Customer Concern:
Intermittent misfire on cylinder #7. The Powertrain Control Module (PCM) self-test resulted in Keep Alive Memory (KAM) codes P0307 and P0316. The spark plugs, plug wires and Coil-On-Plug (COP) unit at cylinder #7 have been replaced twice and code P0307 has returned. The #7 COP unit was later swapped to cylinder #5 and the P0307 still reset. Cranking compression readings on all of the driver's side cylinders indicated 210 PSI.
1. Perform a running compression test of cylinder #7 with the Schrader valve removed from the spark plug end of the compression test gauge hose.
Take a reading from another cylinder such as cylinder #5 for a comparative reading. The needle will fluctuate rapidly but attempt to determine an average peak value of the cylinder to take as the cylinder's value.

2. If the two cylinders tested show more than a 10% difference from the high to low reading, or, the reading on #7 is sometimes lower than others, address the cylinder head for sticking valves, valve guides, or a valve seat issue. If a valve train issue is suspected, refer to TSB 06-5-13 for an updated cylinder head to correct.

3. Verify that the fuel injector of cylinder #7 is flowing fuel at the same rate as another injector and that the PCM's trigger of the #7 cylinder is consistent.

4. If the injector trigger signal is inconsistent but the INJFLT_7 Parameter Identification (PID) is staying at a NO status, replace the PCM.
Potential Causes:
Cylinder Head
Fuel Injector
Powertrain Control Module (PCM)
Tech Tips:
TSB 06-5-13 contains diagnostic information and part numbers for a new design cylinder head to correct an identified valve train concern.
Diagnostic Codes:
P0307, P0316


HouseCallAuto 4/15/2010

Is the fault code still the same, P0307? You did not say.


Carlos 4/16/2010

yes, still the same code.


jllantin 5/4/2010

I have the same situation, on my case the check engine light start blinking and the A/C gets shut off. After moving ahead the A/C start cooling again. I already replaced all the sparks, coils, EGR, fuel Injectors, Low Air Sensor, TPS, mass Air Flow Sensor was cleaned, Air Filter, the Compression was checked and its OK, there is pulse on the Fuel Injectors. After replacing all these parts it keep with the same situation.

Any Advice? I will appreciate it. Thanks in advance...


jllantin 5/16/2010

Final diagnose reflects that there is a valve situation, the technician says that there was a recall for this situation. Unfortunately I was not notified from this recall on time.


Bill 10/22/2010

Do the newer Aviators have a revised head to prevent this? It seems it's always the 03's.


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