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shilona 4/7/2010

2005 Chevrolet Colorado Z71 LS 5 Cyl 3.5L


check engine light is on

I've changed spark plugs, Both oxygen sensors. It's seems to be idling high.

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Bobby 4/7/2010

Have the code read either pick up a code reader or try a chain autoparts store sometimes they put the reader on for free. I wouldn't keep changing parts you may have all ready fixed the problem, but codes nee to be cleared after the repair to turn off the engine light.


Bobs Truck 10/2/2010

I have had my machinic check all possibilities. His answer was to go buy an code reader and turn it off when it comes on. I was worried about if I had a problem with my engine and he told me not to worry about it unless it comes on and is flashing. Bought a code reader from advance auto parts for 49.95 and now i can turn it of whenever I need to. I still worry about the light but don't know what else to do.

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