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gemini ... 1/8/2021

2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser Limited 4 Cyl 2.40L


Check engine light on won't go off and blinks at times

Cars check engine light on and blinks at times said it was cylinder 2 misfire random misfire. We changed out all spark plugs wires and distributer box co-worker said to try cleaning air sensor did that and idle went from at times rough to almost non existent now when light starts blinking u can see in lights and heat that it seems to lose power

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Teddy B

Teddy B 1/9/2021

When a MIL Lamp or Check Engine Light ---Blinks --- it is telling you two things.

The Blinking indicates a Class "A" Cylinder misfire & the second thing is that
condition could ruin your engine or exhaust converter,if you do not stop using
the vehicle & resolve the problem.

You will loss a lot of power when you only have 4 cylinders & your down one or 25%,
so don't use the vehicle.

Spark Plugs ---seldom fail & you can if easy to get to swap them around.

You don't install new plugs to correct a misfire unless they have been in the motor
for thousand of miles or many years & are worn,then they stress the ignition module.

When folks try to get too involved with professional scan tool data & over look worn spark
plugs, then they go down a rabbit hole.
That is when you pull a couple plugs & take a look & start over or your data will be off.

If the Wires are OEM & there since 2006/7 they may have been due to go for a number of reasons

You never replace even Preventative Maintenance Parts without testing to find the cause
of the misfire first.

The Ignition Module should have been tested as well or your just guessing like we did in the
1960's thru 1980's. Since then you learn vehicle systems & test to find a problem,never replace
parts until a problem is found.

You can clean a MAF Sensor not a MAP Sensor you have.

As much as outside help is nice,only take it from knowlegable people.

What worked for your co-worker on the same vehicle as an example,may not work for you.

Several exact same vehicles can have the same Symptom from the owners view but different
issues in thoses vehicles that cause them.

Now you need to continue on.

Fuel Pressure
Fuel Injector for cylinder 2
Vacumum Leaks
EGR--- if that applies
Intake Vacuum Leaks
Valves Leaking

You may have a mechanical problem in that one cylinder your not going to fix
& only find with professional diagnostic help.

Check Battery & Alternator Voltage
Check all Power & Grounds to Modules,etc

Check Exhaust Manifold Leaks near that Cylinder.

Is it a lean or rich cylinder,is it really even an ignition issue or mechanical

Is the Head Gasket Leaking
Are you loosing coolant

Walk it down & test everything

Those vehicles are both old & there is a following that like them,
so if you decide to let it go, you won't have a problem finding a buyer.

Teddy B

gemini.dragon.gurl 1/10/2021

My uncle asked at the garage next door to him and we tried everything they had said and that's what it kept coming up as when we checked using the computer we will continue to try to narrow it down

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