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songtao32 2/15/2013
2009 Toyota Camry Base 4 Cyl 2.4L - Engine
Check engine light & O2 sensor
My 2009 Camry check engine light is on. Dealer said the two O2 sensor both are dead and need to replace. After dealer reset the check engine light I have driven two days for 50 miles and the check engine light doesn't come back. If the O2 sensor is bad how long does it take for check engine light on again? Is it possible the check engine report on by mistake since two O2 sensors got bad at the exact same time is really rare. Thanks for help!
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  • RC
    RC 2/15/2013
    How many miles on your Camry? What were the trouble codes?
    songtao32 2/15/2013
    There are about 50,000 miles. The code is P0138, P0606 and P1133. It is a 4 cylinder engine.
  • Ray
    Ray 2/15/2013
    p0138 is bank 1 sensor 2, P0606 is PCM error, P1133 is A/F Sensor bank 1 sensor 1
    Check for an emission component warranty on this, and O2 sensors should last over 100k.

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