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Nic 5/6/2010

2005 Chevrolet Colorado Sport LS 5 Cyl 3.5L


The check engine light keeps coming on with a trouble code of 0506 (Unexpectedly low RPM in idle) what is the problem?

I have deleted the code repeatedly, changed the air intake, cleaned the MAF sensor, changed the O2 sensor, changed the MAP sensor and use fuel injector cleaner in the gas regularly but nothing has helped. The idle drops low when I take my foot off the gas and step on the clutch and let the RPMs fall from 2-3000 to idle. It'll drop to 350-400 go up to 7-800 and back and forth several times and then settle. Sometimes it settles at 500 and runs rough and sometimes at 600-700 and runs like clockwork. What do I try next?

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Bobby 5/6/2010

This code is usually accompanied by another, when its not sometimes it is restricted air flow but sounds like you checked that all ready. Check the MAf/IAT sensor, and the TP sensor


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