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Devon 2/7/2012

2003 Ford Focus ZTW 4 Cyl 2.30L


Check battery light comes on shortly after starting my 03 Ford Focus ztw

After my alternator died on me and having it replaced with a brand new one, my check battery light turns on approx 10 secs after starting the car and does not turn off. I do notice the instrument panel, upon starting, pulsates slightly then goes to its standard brightness. But nothing else bad happens. I've had a check done at autozone to ensure the voltage is in the right area, with no issues there. I've even "reset" the cars comp by taking off the battery cables. But the check battery light doesn't turn off. There was only one time while driving that the light did turn off for 3 minutes and that was while I drove through 5 inches worth of a pond a storm had flooded the road with.

2 Answers

Jay Giron

Jay Giron 2/9/2012

Possible causes:
- Loose or worn belt
- Worn belt tensioner
- Corroded battery cables
- Need OEM replacement part


HouseCallAuto 2/9/2012

The typical cause of this condition is, unfortunately, an aftermarket replacement alternator assembly with a voltage regulator that does not interact properly with the PCM.


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