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MKH 5/31/2022

2005 Pontiac Grand Prix Base 6 Cyl 3.80L


Charge System Failure Light

I have a V6 engine not a 4 cylinder as indicated as my vehicle. I have an intermittent problem with my charge system failure light coming on every now and then and when it does it goes out quick and doesn't come back on for a while. Some of the things I have done to try to resolve it include replacing the alternator with a new one made by the company that made my car even though the on I took off was still charging the battery and operating the car without obvious performance problems. The reason I did this was the warning lights got more persistent and I started get codes as a result of some of the emission components malfunctioning then when I checked the alternator it tested at 12.6 volts. Checked the battery. Did a voltage drop test on both the positive and negative posts. Checked the battery current senor for obvious damage and making sure it is installed right. I cleaned the battery post. I checked under the hood for loose or damaged wiring. All pig tails have their clips and are

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Jimm 6/1/2022

Several possibilities; weak / faulty alternator drive belt, weak/worn belt tensioner, weak or worn battery, corroded battery terminals - to name only a few.
Do not simply replace parts or throw money at the problem. Be diligent in testing for the root cause.


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