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Steve Massow

Steve ... 9/7/2010

2005 Ford Five Hundred Limited 6 Cyl 3.0L

Steering & Suspension

Is changing the sway bar link bushings a tough job for someone who has not done it before? I know I have all the tools.

I just don't want to start this project to find out it will end up even costing me more. Also, I am wondering if I will have to have the car aligned after I attemp this?

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Ladiesman217 9/7/2010

Alignment? I don't think so

Tips before you begin

If you are having trouble removing the nut holding the sway bar link, you can try penetrating oil, freezing solutions, etc.

Loosen the wheel lug nuts. Loosen them slightly, but do not remove.

Jack up/lift the car. You will need to jack the car by placing the jack under the suspension arm so it compresses the suspension and relieves the tension on the link. (See your manual for proper jacking procedures and safety)

Remove the lug nuts and the wheel.

Identify the bad link. A bad link:

Remove the nut holding the sway bar link to the sway bar. You will have to grip the shaft below the sway bar so it does not turn - for example pair of vice grip locking pliers.The bottom bolt you can use a socket wrench on the nut, and a wrench on the nut on the other side of the mounting point (see picture).

Install the new link. Simple insert the lower part first, then the upper. Be sure it is installed the same as the original - the bushings are touching the sway bar - from the top: nut, metal washer, bushing, sway bar, bushing, metal washer. The lower link is simply nut, mounting point, smaller nut. In this picture you see the new link, note the top bushing/washer/nut are not installed yet and it all needs to be tightened.

Tighten the nuts. When tightening the nuts, again you will need to use a socket wrench on the bottom on the larger nut, regular wrench on the smaller nut. Be sure to use the correct sizes so they do not strip/become damaged. On the top, a socket wrench and vice grips so the shaft does not spin.

Compress the bushings about half. The bottom part should be tightened so the two nuts are against both sides of the mounting point so it has no free-play.

Replace the wheel and lug nut. Do this after everything is tightened on the link, make sure you have all your tools.


HouseCallAuto 9/7/2010

great post 217


Kim 9/8/2010

Not hard to do.use penetrating oil to free rusted nut on bottom.an air impact works well with vice grips to break nut loose.


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