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JJDESOLA 11/17/2012

2000 Buick Park Avenue Base 6 Cyl 3.8L

Steering & Suspension

I changed my struts and shocks using Monroe parts and my cars riding worse then ever what could I do

I changed the struts and shocks with new Monroe parts because I was told they would give the closet to a factory ride but now my cars riding worse then ever

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Jimm 11/18/2012

Need more information - what exactly is meant by...'riding worse than ever.? Understand this description is subjective - do you mean harsher, more stiff, less control - please post a reply and clarify what is meant - for further assistance.

Generally, the new shocks and struts - when replaced - have a slight settling-in or breaking in period - usually takes only a few miles, however.


JJDESOLA 11/28/2012

It's riding rougher ride the handling is better but it's riding smooth anymore like these cars are suppose to it road better when I first bought it a year ago and recently I guess from so much driving they needed to be changed but I thought putting brand new it would ride almost like new but now it feels like they were never changed you feel every bump and groove in the road worse like a old ford not a Buick park avenue and its been a couple months now at least


JJDESOLA 12/4/2012

Do you think the parts defective? Or is something else needed? Or is it the brand I used?


JJDESOLA 12/12/2012

Hi can anyone help please

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