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r500 9/23/2010
2006 Mercedes Benz R500 Base 8 Cyl 5.0L - Steering & Suspension
Changed power steering pressure hose. Added exact fluid that was lost after change out. Rotated steering back and forth
to extract air. Power steering now making noise which was not present prior to changing hose.
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  • Mr.KnowItAll
    Mr.KnowItAll 9/23/2010
    Raise the front tires OFF the ground.
    With the car NOT running, move the steering stop to stop several times.
    Start the engine, let it idle for 30 seconds or so.
    Turn it off.
    Repeat step 2.
    Top off as required.

    The reason you need to do this with the engine off, is the pump constantly moves the fluid and time the engine is running. If there is air in the system, it's going to pump fluid and air.
    With the engine off, the air is able to bubble up out of the system as the fluid is not being pumped.

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