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Molly Jo

Molly Jo 7/1/2010

1985 Chevrolet Chevette Base 4 Cyl 1.6L


Do I need to change the fule filter or is it something bigger?

it's a 4 speed so when taking off it will try to die unless you fether the gas and when it dose go it will lug and jerk and pow it is going but sounds like it needs to be shifted in to 2nd geer and the same thing happens with each shift. some times the cluch cable comes off aswell.It seems as if it gose through a lot of fule .

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Sydni 12/22/2011

Your fuel filter sound like it's clogged. Not letting enough gas to get through. When is the last time you had an oil change? Your fuel pump should be checked too!! Your clutch cable comes OFF????!!!! Not something to ignore. get that looked at right away and get a free estimate at a few different places. To best troubleshoot your engine problems without being taken. Take your car to your local Auto Zone and they will put your car on their computerized troubleshooter for FREE. You will know EXACTLY what's wrong and, it may end up being something a friend could easily fix for you:). BUT...GET THE CABLE CHECKED AND FIXED ASAP!!!!!! SERIOUS BUSINESS THERE! It may not even cost that much. Ask Auto Zone about that too. Good luck Molly Jo. Stay safe!


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