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scottg 3/16/2012

2005 Volkswagen Golf GTI VR6 6 Cyl 2.80L

Preventive Maintenance

central locking stopped working yesterday,put new battery in key fob,still dont work any suggestions please,

its a 2.0 55 plate vw gti had it 12 months never had a problem with central locking before

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yboy82 3/16/2012

Does the power window switch in the driver door still control the passenger side door? You should check the condition of your switch. To have an idea how to remove the main window and door control check out this link http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php)&highlight=golf+window+switch+door+lock


scottg 3/17/2012

thanks for your advice yboy82 if i press it ,it locks all car,when i open door manually obviously,alarm goes off after about 15 secs,when i put key in ignition and start it central locking sounds like its locked,and if i press lock or unlock on the key fob theres a clicking noise coming from near glove box,surely its somat and nowt.

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