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KB6NQW 4/14/2010
2002 Volkswagen Golf GTI 337 4 Cyl 1.8L - Brakes
What is causing uneven brake pad wear
Rear drivers side brake pads wear much greater than passenger side, and mileage (MPG) lower by about 15-20%.
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  • Macline
    Macline 4/14/2010
    I'm still a little new so this is just advice, but i would start with the rotors make sure if you have done the brake job and got the part from whatever auto store you have brought them from that they are the right rotors or brake pads for your car. you will be amazed at how many times people mess up at auto part stores an give out the wrong part. if you go to the store you can purchase a rotor dial gauge an it can tell you how many inches you have left, and if you can just get them turned without having to buy brand new ones. the unofficial way to check if your rotors are bad is to just rub your finger across your rotor an if you feel a lot of grooves in the rotor then they will need to be changed. Just advice
  • 1910jdl
    1910jdl 4/14/2010
    your brake is dragging usually the caliper and or the park brake cable jack up the tire push on the brk peddle and release chk to see if the wheel spins free if not caliper . now try pull park brake on and release chk if tire spins free if not cable or caliper leaver is stuck . remove cable from caliper and see witch one is sticking caliper or cable.
  • KB6NQW
    KB6NQW 4/15/2010
    I took the caliper apart and found that dirt had gotten in between the piston seal and the piston housing. I cleaned the area throughly with Brake Cleaner spray and reassembled the caliper. There seems to be no binding of the parking brake cable or any other areas of the caliper. I an going on a trip through the Mojave Desert this weekend, so I'll be able to monitor the mileage and operation of the brakes. Thanks for all of the suggestions.

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