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Pedro 9/4/2010

2002 Hyundai XG350 L 6 Cyl 3.5L

Steering & Suspension

what could be causing high sqeek noise coming from power steering pump

Had a leek in the return hose coming from the rack and pinion. My mechanic was able to salvage the hose by patching it, he said that it should hold and the leek has stopped, but the sqeeking noise continues. Leek was fixed about a month ago.

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DrkShdw983 9/7/2010

I'm a little leery about a mechanic that 'patches' a hose like that. Replacing the hose wouldn't cost you half of what a cheap fix that ruins the power steering pump would cost you. I'm not sure what the exact cost for your car is but when I replaced the return line on a friends car it was about $50 for the hose. The squeaking can be caused by low power steering fluid, or the power steering belt could be too loose or too tight. Check the fluid level yourself. If it is low than I highly recommend taking it to a different mechanic and having it fixed properly. If it isn't low than I have either mechanic check the belt tension.


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