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WinterSX 3/9/2011
2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser Base 6 Cyl 4.0L - Brakes
What is causing my brake warning lights to appear?
I'm at about 70k miles on my FJ cruiser, and recently my ABS, VSC Trac, VSC Off, and the little skidding car icon all lit up and remained lit. When I took it to the dealership for a diagnostic, they told me it could be my brake fluid, my power steering sensor, and my battery... but they'd have to tear the car apart just to figure it out. Does anyone know what could be causing this? Is it a sensor/computer issue or do I need to bite the bullet and pay for them to tear up the dashboard?
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  • yboy82
    yboy82 3/9/2011
    Check the level of your brake fluid, if it is below specification refill it. Did the dealership diagnose your vehicle with a scan tool? What is the extracted trouble code?

    Also check out this recall for your vehicle

    2007 Toyota Fj Cruiser Tires Recall 06V235000
    NHTSA: Action Number: N/A Service Bulletin Number: 06V235000

    Report Date:
    Jun 26, 2006Component:
    TiresPotential Units Affected:
    Toyota Motor North America, Inc.

    Summary: On certain passenger vehicles equipped with either bridgestone dueler or dunlop grandtrek tires, there is a possibility that the inner bead of the tire may have been damaged. If the bead is damaged, a bulge may develop on the sidewall of the tire and air may leak from the area of the damaged bead.

    Consequence: If the tire loses air pressure it may lead to a loss of vehicle control and increase the possibility of a crash.

    Remedy: Dealers will inspect all five tires, including the spare tire, to determine if they are within the affected tire-to-wheel assembly range and replace all involved tires with new tires free of charge. The recall began on july 5, 2006. Owners may contact toyota at 1-800-331-4331. Note: due to an error in the dot serial number section of the technical instructions, a number of vehicles were not inspected correctly. Toyota relaunched this campaign in mid-august 2006.

    Notes: Toyota recall no. 6ad. Customers may also contact the national highway traffic safety administration's vehicle safety hotline at 1-888-327-4236 (tty 1-800-424-9153), or go to http://www./ Safercar. Gov.
    yboy82 3/9/2011
    You can visit this link to see the list of the TSB's and Recalls for your vehicle
    just click the title of the TSB or Recall to see its summary
  • yboy82
    yboy82 3/9/2011
    Also check out this TSB's for your vehicle

    2007 Toyota Fj Cruiser Unknown Or Other Service Bulletin 100051
    NHTSA: Action Number: 10022143 Service Bulletin Number: 100051

    Report Date:
    Apr 26, 2007Component:
    Unknown Or Other

    Summary: Techstream ecu flash reprogramming procedure. *kb

    and this one

    2007 Toyota Fj Cruiser Engine And Engine Cooling Service Bulletin 178904
    NHTSA: Action Number: 10034284 Service Bulletin Number: 178904

    Report Date:
    Feb 04, 2010Component:
    Engine And Engine Cooling

    Summary: Toyota: techstream ecu flash reprogramming procedure. Flash reprogramming allows the ecu software to be updated without replacing the ecu. Flash calibration updates for specific vehicle models/ecus are released as field-fix procedures de
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