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Rock Sam

Rock Sam 5/28/2019

2016 BMW 535i Luxury 6 Cyl 3.00L

Preventive Maintenance

Things to Know about Car's Tail Lights?

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PartsAvatar CA

PartsAvatar CA 5/28/2019

What is Tail light?

Tail lights are red lights on the rear of a vehicle. They are turned on whenever the head lights are on. While stopping, the tail lights have a bright red look compared to a dimmer red look when the vehicle is in motion.

Location of Tail Lights:

Tail lights are on the back end of the car, facing rearward. Some tail lights have reflective material inside of them to help intensify the light, allowing them to appear brighter and larger.

Types of Tail Lights:

LED Lights- Embedded in cars manufactured after 2000, this Light emitting diode is durable, cost-effective, and yes most importantly, use little amount of energy.

Halogen Lights- Used as standard lights on most of the cars, this component indeed doesn't burn on high temperature to produce light. Apart from it, these are the oldest, smallest, and most common type of lights used in every car.

Xenon Lights- Used in blinkers and headlights since 1991, these lights use filament instead of the electric arc In nature, these tail lights have high intensity and are far much stronger than the other lights used for the same purpose.

How Tail Lights Work:

Tail lights work on a relay, which means they turn on when the head lights are turned on. This way, the driver does not contain to be troubled about turning on the tail lights. Tail lights are wired to the same switch that turns on the head lights, making them function easily. If you have automatic lights, the tail lights will turn on while your car is on. If you use a switch to turn your vehicle's lights on, the tail lights will light up once your head lights are on. In adding, the tail lights are wired right to the battery.

Safety Aspect of Tail Lights:

Tail lights provide a safety feature of the vehicle. They show the rear border of the car to allow other drivers to properly gauge the size and shape of the car. In addition, they allow other car to see the car in inclement weather such as rain or snow. If a tail light has left out, restore it right away. You can get pull over for having a tail light that do not work.


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