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sirius ... 1/10/2018

2006 BMW M3 Base 6 Cyl 3.20L


What is it going to take to get my car going?

Car has been sitting for over a year. Known issues- Starter and battery need replaced. oil needs changed. Key battery is dead. Im told that there needs to be some programming at a dealership for the new battery, would like to avoid costly dealerships as much as i can if at all possible and do the work ourselves. We can get whatever tools are needed but wont have access to expensive machines they probably got at the dealerships. Me and my friend will do the repairs if we can. He has never worked on a bmw and ive only ever worked on a 66 chevy engine rebuild decades ago. Can this be done in my garage without all the expensive equipment at the dealers by us and if you know how to do it, like say the battery programming thing please share tell.

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