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camaro7593 4/7/2010

1995 Buick LeSabre Custom 6 Cyl 3.80L


My car won't start with the keys.

The battery is fine. I have replaced the neutral safety switch and the starter relay. Checked all the fuses and replaced the starter. The car will start if i hook up a jumper wire from the small post on the starter to the battery. I beleve it might be the fusible link but i can't seem to find it in the wiring harness. I also made sure the neutral safety switch was lined up per the repair manuals instructions. Where can i find the fusible link or do you think it could be something else?

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Bobby 4/7/2010

there is a fuse in the under hood fues/relay panel, check the fuse and if you have replaced the realy I would test to make sure all the contacts are correct, also check to make sure the ignition switch is sending voltage to the relay when cranking if you have a repair manual check for the starting system wiring diagram and it should tell you which pin recieves voltage from the ignition switch.


riderjeff 4/7/2010

Fusible links are tricky and hard to ID, they run between the starter and the + terminal on your battery. Most auto parts stores need to see the OD or gauge of your fusible link wire, you may be able to just buy one at your dealer. Try finding what you think may be the fusible link and try wiggling it. Often the link is just barely broken and will make contact, confirming that you have a problem. Also, try tightening up your positive lead- it could be that simple.


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