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Chadman 4/19/2019

2005 Pontiac Grand Am SE 6 Cyl 3.40L


Car won't start, flatlines when turning the key on.

I have a 2005 Grand Am 6-cylinder. Short story... I came out after making several stops one day earlier in the week, turned the key and everything went dead. Flatlined. But there was still power to the lights, etc. We tried to jump it; still nothing. Have tried several things. My roommate has worked on cars for years and has been trying to fix it.
We took the battery to Walmart and they tested it on their machine and said it tested even better than rated. We checked all the possible fuses that could be related to the car starting and they are good. We swapped out the starter relay with a similar matching fuse and still nothing. Figured it was the starter as there was no clicking as one would expect with an alternator issue. Replaced the starter. Still nothing. O'Reilly Auto guy said he thought it could be the ignition switch, which made some sense. Replaced that and still nothing. Still dead. Pretty much at the end of my rope. Any ideas? Thanks for any thoughts.

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Jimm 4/25/2019

Many possibilities; weak battery, corroded battery cables, loose battery connections, loose starter cable connection, worn alternator belt, worn alternator, worn belt tensioner - to list only a few.

Suggest to have the charging system tested - for free - at any local auto parts store. No need to throw money and parts at the problem without diagnosis and testing.


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