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ozzie 8/14/2011

1990 Honda Accord EX 4 Cyl 2.20L


car still wont start on a cold start...replaced the main rely and still hard to start at first.

have changed all plugs, wires, filters, oil changed, gas treatment, and just replaced the main rely and it still is having trouble starting at first. when the car is left unstarted for bout 6 to 8 hrs it has trouble starting. it will backfire and i have to pump on the gas to get it going. but as long as engine is warm it starts and runs perfect. open to any suggestions?????

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HouseCallAuto 8/14/2011

Check codes. Check coolant sensor voltage on the YEL/GRN wire; typical voltage may be 2.5 to 3.5 volts cold. Should read about 0.5 volts when fully warm. The colder the engine, the higher the voltage. Replace the sensor if unsure about the readings because the sensor is inexpensive. Check the main computer ground at the thermostat housing for being clean and tight; take the bolt out and wire brush/wheel the ground eyelet. Verify presence of good, strong spark at the plugs when not starting. Try to see if too rich or too lean when not starting.


moonraker 8/15/2011

If memory serves me these old Honda's had a dedicated cold start injector...these used to have some problems. However you can still have a weak fuel pump not creating enough volume of fuel. Good luck on these old school systems repair info was spotty on these. Also double check the coolant level in the radiator...believe it or not low coolant will cause a no start on these.


TechSam 8/15/2011

You have an Injector leak down problem, when you crank for a while the fuel rail is full and then its easy to start all day but if the vehicle is parked for more then 4 hours the fuel drips and fuel rail looses pressure. Have the injectors checked.


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