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Tina Corbett

Tina ... 4/15/2010

1998 Nissan Altima GXE 4 Cyl 2.40L


My car won't start and we checked the distributor cap, fuel line and fuses. So I bought a fuel pump, strainer and filter

Still no start, then we use the tester to see if the wires in the fuel pump area to see if it was a spark. One showed a low light and the other showed no light . the relays were checked. Can you give me an idea on what the problem could be?

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HouseCallAuto 4/15/2010

Ok, when checking the fuel pump wiring on this Nissan. The Black / Yellow wire is the wire (at the pump connector) that should have 12 volts during cranking. It should also have 12 volts for a few seconds when the key is turned to the on position (engine off). You can test these wires with a 12 volt test light. The only wire to pay attention to is the Black / Yellow. This is the power to the pump wire. So I will assume that you have checked the ignition for spark and you saw that you have spark. If you do not have power on the Black / Yellow wire, then you may have a bad fuel pump relay or an open fuse (fuse #17 - 15 amp).


Tina Corbett 4/17/2010

Hi, we checked the relay and the fuse and it was ok. I remember when I took the car to the shop and they did a dianostic check and the codes 1505 and 1065 came up can you explain that to me.


Tina Corbett 4/17/2010

Sorry my fault typing to fast but the codes were 1505 and 1605 not 1065.

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