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angus 11/2/2011

1989 Chevrolet R2500 Suburban Silverado 8 Cyl 7.4L


car wont start or keep a chagre?

i was driving and the car shut off because the battery died. i replaced the alternator and it seemed fin for a couple hours. now it wont even start or turn over. the alternator belt is torn up on one side. im going to replace the starter and change the belt?

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jdl 11/2/2011

With engine running, it is the alternator that carries the load. You need to make sure the battery has a full charge before you can do any testing. Battery connections all clean and tight? After you get it running, check the charging system. Do you have digital multimeter?

Even if the alternator is brand new, if no excite voltage, the alternator won't work.


angus 11/4/2011

thanks for the help. turns out my battery was just shot.

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