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christ ... 3/21/2013

2000 Volkswagen Passat GLS 4 Cyl 1.8L


Car wont start, accessories and lights turn on, car wont turn over, what is the issue?

Car drove fine yesterday, now today the remote control wouldn't unlock or lock the car, tried to start and all lights and accessories come on but car doesn't even try to turn over. After lifting up the hood found that underneath the battery compartment there are two drain plugs that you have to check to make sure they dont get clogged, well mine were clogged so I have approx 6 inches of water underneath my battery. Not sure if the issues go hand in hand or if its pure coincidence they both happened at the same time.

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HouseCallAuto 3/22/2013

Check for potential water damage to the Comfort Control Module or CCM. The CCM is located in front of the driver's seat, under the carpet, in a plastic electronics box. The main wiring harness for the CCM passes out of this box and travels beneath the carpet towards the firewall and relay center under the left side of the dash. Water accumulates under the carpet (either from plugged sunroof drains, plugged plenum shelf drains or through the carpet from wet shoes) and immerses the CCM and wiring harness. This will either short the CCM, rendering it inoperative, or corrode the wiring harness, interrupting power, ground or communication with the CCM system. The CCM has multiple functions, one of which is controlling the power locks and cranking of the engine is dependent upon this module not being shorted out from wetness. Other possible issues *could* include the interior lights and the power windows. Any issues with other accessories? I would mention a bad starter but that would NOT cause a sudden loss of the power lock function so I am intentionally not going to starter for that reason.


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