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blue350 4/27/2010

2004 Nissan 350Z Base 6 Cyl 3.5L


car vibrates then it stops, engine coils/sparks changed,,wht else to do

i need advise,my 350 z suddenly started shaking, then i drive it performs well but the minute i reduce speedto 0 or stop- it vibrates, checked with 3 computers, changed 6 engine coils/6 sparks.one garage is saying i have to change engine computer,i drove to company's service center- they are telling all coils and ECM has to be changed.i told them coils were changed 1 week ago,,i just hoped since they charge a lot- they would find n fix problem,wht can i do

1 Answer

Nissan Technical Advisor

Check fuel filter might need to replace and also check the condition of catalytic converter, it could be blocked.


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