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Marquita 11/2/2016

2008 Mercury Mariner Premier 6 Cyl 3.00L


Why does my car vibrates when i press on the brakes?

Whenever i press on the brakes my car vibrates sometimes really hard. And when i drive again it starts to wobble and vibrate until it stops or i hit a pot hole or a speed bump...also i occasionally get a metal smell when i prak the car. I am concerned because the car smell and the vibrations are seemingly getting worse ....any advice would help thanks.

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Jonnerfree Toyota Technician

I recommend towing it to the nearest auto shop for new brakes, and a good thorough inspection. I don't feel safe in my home because you might come slamming through my living room.

Jonnerfree Toyota Technician

Marquita 11/2/2016

Is it really that bad? Cause i thought it might be my tire rod.

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