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Randy 4/24/2011

1986 Dodge 600 Base 4 Cyl 2.2L


This car has a turbocharger, how do I tell if it's working

The car idles rough and has a hesitation when you step on the gas. It doesn't seem to have anymore power than any other 4 cylinder. Gas mileage isn't very good either. I don't think the turbo is working

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93sho 4/26/2011

it maybe possible you have a blockage somewhere in your exhaust system do you have a catalytic converter? cats are a common place for blockage. i know that turbo chargers use exhaust to help them make power, however im no expert on turbos. i just thought i would offer what i thought might be the problem based on your complaint. your complaint about the performance of your car could have any number of causes. i would start with a good tune up replace the plugs inspect the old ones the condition of the old plugs will tell you alot about how the engine is functioning also make sure you gap the new plugs to chrysler recommended value specific to your engine. wrong plug gap is a big reason for poor engine performance. other things to check would be and vacuum lines-leaky vacuum lines will also cause rough idle, poor performance. check pcv valve locate pull it out and shake it you should hear the check ball rattle inside, if not, replace the pcv. it could be you have fuel delivery issues-replace your fuel filter. pour a can of seafoam in your gas tank drive around and see if your performance improves. this will help if you have partially clogged injectors. in fact pour some seafoam in the crankcase (oil fill) this will help improve compression by reducing any blow-by (oil getting past weakening piston rings) you will eventually need a ring job, but seafoam will help right away and buy you some time before a ring job is needed. back to exhaust blockage-check the cat for a blockage by running the engine for awhile then turn it off. locat the cat and if part of the cat is cool this indicates it is blocked. i wont tell you to put your hand on a scalding hot exhaust, but you decide. as far as your turbo goes it could be that if you tune up the engine your turbo will start doing its job. rough running engines and hesitation wont allow for the compression and rpm to be there for your turbo to use so it can do its job. your turbo maybe fine, just check and make repairs to everything around it so the power is there for it to use. since turbos use exhaust to help them make power, i would look for a blockage somewhere in the exhaust


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