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Gloria 3/6/2018

2001 Mercury Cougar V6 6 Cyl 2.50L

Steering & Suspension

My car has a sway motion and steering wheel moves freely

My car's steering was fine, other than noise over bumps. Then one day I was going around and curve in rain and it felt like the car shifted in the lane and the steering wheel moved freely. Afterwards, I noticed that it does it over bumps and some times just riding straight. The steering wheel now, is not sitting straight when the wheels are straight. Do you have an idea of what that could be? I have done research and can't seem to pin point what the issue is. I did find where there is a boot cracked on the passenger side. Could that small issue cause all of the movement and the steering wheel to move when the car shifts?

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Jimm 3/7/2018

First question - how many miles are on the vehicle? How many miles since the struts and shocks were changed?

Next, what is the tire air pressure?

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Auto Mojo Radio 3/9/2018

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I suspect that you have a problem with one of the control arms. Either it broke or came loose. That allows the steering to get way off center. I would strongly recommend that you take this car to a good shop and have the front suspension checked out before something comes completely off.


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