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flavor 2/15/2012

1992 Chrysler Daytona Base 6 Cyl 3.0L


car starts up then idle lowers slowly then stalls out. i have to keep the revs up a little or else it cuts out. whatisit

Just noticed it today. i got the car almost a year now been takin care of it changin the oil frequently also using antifriction supplements like bardall and lucas when i can afford it. no lights are on and i put new plugs and wires on a few months ago. i replaced the left driveshaft a few days ago because it was shakin when i accelerated. but now this is the new problem. the car was taken care of the last 20 years because i have all the service records on it. i was impressed. i plan on keeping this car so id like to get a diagnosis on it.

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