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lysandra julian
lysand ... 5/20/2010
1991 Mercedes Benz 300E 2.6 12Cyl6.2L - Engine
car has not been started since 2005. cranks over and fires but will not start
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  • txmarshall
    txmarshall 12/11/2010
    Have you tried spraying starting fluid in throttle inlet? ifit starts and runs then dies after starting fluid trial check fuel pump/fuel filter
  • john
    john 10/14/2011
    Sounds like gummed up fuel lines do to the old gas going bad from sitting so long,I had the same problem with mine after it sat for about four months. I had to siphon the old gas out and add new premium gas and change out the fuel filter. after sitting for so long,sounds like your fuel lines are varnished. Cant say for sure,just speaking from experience

  • Autoscope Park Cities
    I would suggest starting with the basics: 1. Fuel 2. Air 3. Spark , once you know which of these three you do NOT have, you can dig deeper into what you need to diagnose.

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