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JoeMike 3/22/2011

1997 Jaguar XJ6 L 6 Cyl 4.0L


My car would not start. A light on the top left of my dashboard is lit. It looks like a trumpet with an x over it.

97 XJ6L w/180k miles. It appears to happen only when cold or warming up. Car hesitates to start but when it does it turns off when driving and I break. It occurs once in a while. Just noticed yesterday, everything was fine before except it looks like it needs power steering fluid but when I got out from work I tried turning car on and it would'nt start, car finally started and immediatley put it in drive. Problem occurs when I try to start car and it fails to start, or when car is ON and I break it turns OFF. No engine light on. A light right underneath previous issue is lit, but ive been told its for the wiper fluids and a light everytime I press the brakes turns on; it looks like a circle with an X over it. The 3 lights ON are the 1st 3 on the top left of my dashboard. Please help I have no idea what these lights mean... Thank you in advance!!!

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Steve 4/13/2012

JoeMike ... the bad news is your description sounds like it is the oil pressure light. The good news is you can get it to go out by sloshing the oil remaining in the pan around so the pump picks it up. Try changing your oil and putting in a full (6 quarts maybe) quantity to see if symptom changes. You could have wrong dipstick installed.


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