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Beleav 9/3/2012

1989 Jaguar XJS Base 12 Cyl 5.3L


Car stalls while driving and have to wait before restarting

The car starts fine and within 1/2 mile of driving the engine stalls when you slow the car down approaching an intersection. The engine then turns over with no problem but won't restart. I've had to wait from 15 minutes to 1 hour before the car would restart and then seems to run fine after that. The car has a brand new battery and turns over with no problem. This has happened the last 4 times i've taken the car out. The car has 77000 miles and no check engine warning lights. The car just passed CA smog testing last week.

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bird 10/6/2012

I ju st had the same problem with my XJS 1989 V12 Jaguar Convertible.The solution is so simple Replace the coolant temperature sensor located on the left hand side of of the vehicle untop of the thermostat houseing.Remove the twin female harness,using a 13/16 or a 21mm deep soucket remove the sensor and replace the new sensor,the whole thing costs less than $ 40.00 and takes less than ten ten mims to do.When the engine gets to a certain temperature and the sensor is not working the computer shuts down the engine's fuel system untill a certain temperature is reached, the it will start again..


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