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Nick 5/13/2022

1997 Toyota Corolla Base 4 Cyl 1.60L


My car stalled and won't start again.

Last night I accidentally left my gas cap at a gas station. So, then went back but couldn't find it. Then my car stalled and died. My initial thought was that I had run out of gas and not realized it because there was no fuel pressure with the gas cap missing. Once I got to the gas station the car would not start again. The gas station was closed because of it being late at night. A stranger offered me a gallon of gas. The car would still not start after this so I went home taking a Uber. I got back to the gas station with starter fluid and fuel injector cleaner. Several strangers tried to help me start it to no avail. Then I noticed it was leaking power steering fluid really badly. A stranger offered to tow me back to my house. I figured out it was getting fuel but when I tested for spark there was none. The car cranks really fast and I cleaned the spark plugs and tried to air out the flooded engine. I replaced spark plugs, wires and distributor cap less than a year ago. What now?

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Jimm 5/13/2022

Do you have a check connector near the driver's side strut tower? Check that you have 12 volts at +B with Key ON. Without that check EFI relay, EFI fuse, and IGN fuse. +B is what powers some sensors, fuel pump relay, and ECU.

Engine Main Relay only powers radiator fans in spite of its name.

Without spark the ECU will not fire injectors, so you have to figure out why there is no spark.

Big fuse AM2 30A or more powers ignition coils and injectors.

Can you tell me what kind of readings (voltage and/or ohms resistance) you are getting for your test of the coil, crank sensor, cam sensor (pickup coil)?


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