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Jesse 6/5/2010

2003 Saturn Ion-3 Base 4 Cyl 2.2L


Car stalled when driving through a deep puddle.

I was driving through a deep puddle in a parking lot when it stalled. I can hear the starter working, but it won't crank the engine. I checked the air filter and it was completely saturated. Is there anything I can do to get it going again?

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Nissan Technical Advisor

Try to replace the air filter and check the wiring connections if loose then restart again. "I can hear the starter working, but it won't crank the engine" - i'm confused, the start is working but not cranking, maybe what you want to say the starter motor cranks but the engine does not start?


HouseCallAuto 2/24/2011

Remove the spark plugs and try to crank the engine over. It sounds like you have ingested water into the engine cylinders through the air filter intake and now you have what is known as hydrostatic lock. In other words, you cannot compress a liquid. You also need to pray that you have not bent a rod. when water is ingested into any running engine quickly enough and the moving pistons suddenly smack against 3 ounces of water that was literally thrown into the cylinder at high speed, sometimes the pistons transmit that impact energy into the connecting rod and the rod can bend or the piston can crack. If you remove the plugs and crank the engine over for a minute or so until all the water has purged out, then reinstall the plugs and start the engine and hope there is no knock or worse.


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