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poisen ... 5/30/2012

2002 Daewoo Leganza SE 4 Cyl 2.2L


why does my car seem to stall as if something is pluged i push the acceleration & theres no compresion

i had drove my car in the highway all of a sudden my car felt jolty..as if there was no compression everything was fine but when i acceerated it didnt want to go fast as it did somehing was pluging it up i was going 70 then it acted up i was going no faster then 5 mph.the car started it reversed but when i put t in drive i push the gas like if i was going 40 all i got was 5mph still.. i took it to the shop n thay clean out my catylac converters and didnt charge me could it just be my catylac converters? i heard my car is in recall for the camshaft sensors could that be the coulpret too?? i have no idea f they just messed up my car it works fine but i feel more stalling like it would do it again since then it accourse often with it wanting to stop driving no check egine lights are on

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