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daron bryant

daron ... 8/1/2016

1997 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP 6 Cyl 3.80L


why does my car stall when i hook my alternator up?

i just installed a new alternator on my 97 grand prix gtp, it runs when unhooked but as soon as you hook it up it stalls out, what could this be? also has a new battery in it to

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Teddy B

Teddy B 8/1/2016

What was the car doing before you had issues ?

What were the issues & what was tested to decide
an alternator was needed?

If your changing parts on a guess without testing for failure
then I can't help you

Is the new alternator actually the correct part for your car
& do you have the old one to take to the store to have it
tested ? Always keep your cores until you resolve vehicle issues

Sounds like the new alternator is different inside


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