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travis 4/19/2015

1995 Pontiac Grand Am SE 4 Cyl 2.30L


Why does my car smoke after sitting for five minutes at idle

It doesn't smoke any other time, and don't burn any oil has 160.000,it happens only when warmed up and the check engine light comes on and off every now and then but mostly off

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Rowes Machine

Rowes Machine 4/20/2015

for an engine to smoke it doesn't require a lot of oil to be burned. if it is a bluish smoke it is oil caused by blow by, which is small amounts of oil passing the rings due to pressure build up in the crank case. replacing the PCV valve could cure it but a 2.3l with 160000 miles might need new rings.

Rowes Machine

travis 4/20/2015

It only smoke a little when I give it gas then it stops,once it iddles some more then give it gas it does again barely any smoke comes out,I have to pass a smoke test,is it my oil separator,this vehicle sat for a long time I just bought it,replaced air cleaner oil and every vacuum line ,I've put 600 miles on it but it still barely smokes at those intervals,I have to pass DMV smoke test

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