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ciarra614 4/8/2010

1992 Ford Tempo GL 6 Cyl 3.0L

Preventive Maintenance

Why does my car smell like gasoline

It smells like gas usually when it gets to a half a tank and below I can smell it inside too. When I take the gas cap off it seems like there is a lot of pressure behind it Sometimes when I go to start it it stalls but if i press my foot on the gas it won't stall until I shut it off and start it again?

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Bobby 4/8/2010

the gas smell can be fromt hte vehicle running to rich. meaning it is not burning off all the gas being sent to the engine. that can cause it to run rough too. Make sure you don't have a gas leak, look for puddles and wet spots on the bottom of the vehicle. Really look and try and smell for gas to make sure there isn't a leak, or i would have it checked out immediately to make sure its not a leak. If it is just running real rich the car may need an ignition tune-up new plugs and wires. If that has been done recently the MAF sensor may need to be replaced


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