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Trevor 7/27/2016

2007 Pontiac G5 Base 4 Cyl 2.20L


Car shifts hard, traction light on, check engine light on, air bag service light on.

My car has some issues with hard shifting, and sputtering as though being choked somehow. Happens intermittently not every start. The Service Airbag light came on first, and has something to do with the passenger seat because it doesnt always come on unless there is a person or items of any substantial weight placed on it, but then the traction control light came on, and the car was reading to service traction and service airbag. Now the check engine light has come on and its hard shifting mostly in the first and second gears also when shifting into reverse.
I've read a ton of stuff it could be from wiring shorts, to acuators etc. I have had the recalls done and fixed(ignition switch, and fuel filter gasoline smell issue)....but is there maybe a transmission control chip that could be causing this to happen or.......?
Any and all information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
-Trevor in Placerville, Ca.

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Jimm 7/28/2016

First step - have the stored fault codes or check engine light scanned - for free - at any local auto parts store; Advance Auto, Auto Zone, NAPA. Then, post a reply as 'add answer' with the specific code for more assistance.

This aspect is important; there may be a fault code stored in the OBD memory which may not be displayed as a check engine light.

Do not skip this important first step - there are literally hundreds of possible fault codes. Avoid wasting/ throwing money at the problem.

Next step - as far as the transmission shifting - check the fluid level and refill as necessary.


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