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uditdo ... 12/18/2012

2001 Honda Accord EX 6 Cyl 3.0L

Steering & Suspension

Car is shaking; feel vibrations on steering wheel and under my seat

2001 Honda Accord V6. I gave it to Pepboys recently as my car needed oil change plus alignment and tire rotation. I also asked them to check my break pads as i had coupon for free break checks. After looking at breaks they told my me that my front rotars are going bad and also break pads will have to be replaced, however, it wasn't anything that needed to be done urgently. So i told them not to do it at the moment. I took the car from them and when I was driving on the freeway my car started shaking (steering wheel vibrating). I took the car backt o them to have it looked at again. They said the front two wheels need to be balanced, so I decided to get that done. After that again when I was driving on the freeway my car was shaking; my steering is still vibrating and I can also feel the vibration under my seat. Before I took my car to Pepboys, my car didnt shake like that. Should I get my back tires balanced too?

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