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jcoll72305 1/23/2013

1993 Saturn SL2 Base 4 Cyl 1.9L


car will run for a while but once its turned off it will not start back up

i have a 1993 saturn sl2. The car sat for a couple years and had several parts that needed replaced. I replaced the starter, valve cover set, spark plugs, battery, and idle control valve. For some reason when the car runs fo a while then is turned off it will not start again. i was wondering could it be as simple as buying an engine cleaner or is it more serious. Also the car won't crank at all now but im thinking it may have to do with the wire leading to the battery from the starter because a friend "tapped" the starter and messed with the wire and the car started and ran for a little but will not start up again. Thanks

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