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Timothy Brown

Timoth ... 8/9/2010

1993 Mercedes Benz 300TE Base 6 Cyl 3.2L


why does car run hot when air conditioning is on .

it will run at moderate temp when idle.

1 Answer

benz guy 888

benz guy 888 11/14/2011

the car usually has a temp around 90, i guess a little above 90 is acceptable...but if it goes up especially when the a/c is on... suggest you check the following 1) auxillary fun, it may not be running at full speed,check the relay switches...you might have to replace the fan or the relay , 2)the radiator may have some rust/clog...you might have to flush the radiator or worse replace it...3)check the water pump....the water may not be circulating properly...if this doesn't work take it to a trusted shop/mechanic to get it diagnosed...it may have other problems that need to be fixed...hope it helps..tell me how i turns out.


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