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ace62098 4/16/2010

1996 Mazda Millenia L 6 Cyl 2.5L


what could cause my car to run one day then shut off and not start for days, weeks and then just start

the check eng light is on last time I checked it was purge valve I replaced one of the valves on the cluster the other two had diff. plugs I thought i fixed it because it started and the light went out but the next day I started it and tried to drive it and it start rough and died as soon as I drove down the lane and wouldnt start. so I pulled a plug wire and stuck a plug on to check for a spark( i dont have a real tester) and nothing i tried two diff wires. plugged it back in and tried it again just to see and it started but I dont think it will stay running and the check enj light is bac on again.... what should I do now?

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Waldo 10/13/2010

Check to see if you have spark. Check to make sure your air cleaner is clean. Then cheeck to see if you are getting fuel. If you're missing one of these three things it will not start.


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