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PeeJ 8/25/2011

2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 8 Cyl 4.7L


Car roars when started

Whether warm or cold, my JGC V8 roars when it is started. It seems to do so more when it hasn't been started in a few days. If I shut it off for a few minutes and then start it, it seems to do it a little quieter. I feel sorry for my neighbors in the mornings and it is a little embarrassing. Is there any simple fixes? I have replaced the transmission, fuel pump, radiator fan assembly, ujoints, and recently the gas cap and abs brake sensors...none of which would have had any likely affect on the issue I am now attempting to solve. Poor PeeJ...it is always something :(

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yboy82 8/25/2011

When does the roaring sound occurs? Is it during idling or driving? or accelerating? Where do you hear it? Is it in the engine compartment or under your vehicle?


PeeJ 8/26/2011

Hi thanks! It is just when it starts it revs up on its own. So, I start it, it roars for a couple seconds (or maybe it just feels long) and then it drops to between .5 and 1 rpm. It is v8 and has tons of miles so I try to just assume it is old and that is what it does, but it is really loud. Not when idling. Only when I first take off does there seem to be a bit of pull. I think the engine. I think it does so alittle more as I approach 65.

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