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JBOW10 7/26/2012

2002 Toyota Solara SE 4 Cyl 2.4L


This car is a Pontiac grand am '99

IlActs up in the heat, can't turn air on or the car or it's goin to make a vacuum noise then sputters and shakes and slowly starts to stop. u have to drive fast to use the air because if it's goin fast, it may be ok but goin slow makes it just slow to a stop. Someone suggested the fuel pump but I'm not sure.

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CVO 7/27/2012

Check the cooling fans, one for the radiator and one for the condenser ( if equipped ), they must be in full operation if the AC is ON.
Check the condenser coil to clear out the stuck debris.

Note: the ram cold air will help to remove the condenser heat, but going slow it won't help and the engine will develop that problem due to the extra loads created by the AC compressor.


JBOW10 7/27/2012

Ok I will tell them. This is for my friends.

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