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davewebb 4/19/2010

2002 Pontiac Grand Am GT 6 Cyl 3.4L


CAR OVERHEATING, Changed water pump but still overheating

The car overheats. I flushed the system out and it was fine for a couple of days. But its back to overheating. I replaced the water pump and it still is overheating and now there is NO HEAT.
Would it be the thermostat?

Or something else?

Only one of its fans is working, is that an issue

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HouseCallAuto 4/19/2010

There is an air bleed valve that has to be opened to purge out the trapped air pockets. It is on the top of the thermostat bypass pipe. That is likely the whole problem. Open the valve (I think 7mm size - maybe 8mm) and keep it open until a solid stream of coolant comes out and then close it and add coolant as needed because the level will drop as you vent the air out it makes room for more coolant.


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