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Steve weib

Steve weib 2/1/2017

1995 Subaru SVX LS 6 Cyl 3.30L


my car overheated and wont start

car wont start
it over heated and stopped so the next day i tried starting it and it did so i imediatly took the radiator cap off to check the fluid and it stated squirting out so i turned the engine off and now it wont start i replaced the water pump recently but not timing belt and i noticed when the engine stopped water was coming out my wy water pump

2 Answers

Teddy B

Teddy B 2/2/2017

Seems like no one wants your question !

The next day - -you started it - removed the rad cap & it spitted coolant

My thoughts--you have a Failed Head Gasket

The Water Pump--issue

That is obvious--you have to remove it & replace the gasket or whatever

My other thought--you removed the timing belt possibly to do the water pump
& created a problem

How so--well the timing belt may be off a few teeth or because you failed to change
the tensioners or the oil seals,then the belt may have gotten oil soaked & jumped

The over heating issue :

Failed Head Gasket
Leaking Water Pump-issue
Mechanical Timing -is off
Exhaust Converter-blocked

Given the fact it is 22 years old--maybe all the above problems & more


Samuel 2/3/2017

If your car over hated, my first thought would be to check the coolant then start it. Just me. No offence but having trouble doing the water pump, you should leave the head gasket job to pros. That Is what you need .


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