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river29 5/14/2015

1999 Isuzu Rodeo LS 6 Cyl 3.20L


why is my car misfiring and backfiring under a load and when not even pressing gas.

we have already changed all spark plugs and all 6 coil packs, all 4 o2 sensors, timing belt, water pump, tensioner pulley, egr valve but we ordered it off of ebay so it could still be bad, we changed all orings on fuel injectors, changed fuel filter and fuel pump, changed fuel pressure regulator because fuel pressure was low, and just recently did a compression test and results were inconclusive. dont know what to do next and this misfire is driving me crazy. leaving for vacation in a month and have no other vehicle to drive so i need it to be working correctly. Also when i start it the rpms jump a couple of times before leveling out at about 800.

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The Hawk

The Hawk 10/14/2019

River29, did you find an answer to this issue? I'm experiencing similar issues with my Rodeo Sport 2.2L. Would like to know how your issue turned out. Thanks!


Jimm 10/14/2019

There is no reason to replace parts at random to fix a certain problem.
Start with inspection, testing and diagnostics. Replace any part only once you have determined the cause of the issue.

One question, what are the stored OBD fault codes?


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