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Betty 8/11/2011

2004 Suzuki Verona S 6 Cyl 2.5L


Why does my car lose power while driving - engine is still running but car will lose power and go from 65 mph down to 0

Car has approx. 150,000 miles and mechanic can't explain why this loss in power. While driving the car will occassionally lose power and I see the mph level going down without me stepping on the brake. The rpm is still at 3-4 or whatever it was at but car is slowing down to a stop. Once before it got to zero it jerked and then the mph began to increase on its own. This happens when the car is warm - This started about 3 weeks ago. The check engine light is not on and no other warning lights come on.

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Nissan Technical Advisor

This gives me a thought that the fuel pump is weak of defective, providing an intermittent fuel pressure to the engine. Or there's severe clogging in the system. Check fuel pressure and replace the fuel filter. Get back to us after its done with your new observation. And please post another question not a reply, for us to able to read it.


Greg 8/12/2011

Another possibility is a restricted catalytic converter. The restriction of exhaust flow will cause lack of power and over heating. The best call would be to replace the fuel filter first as 650cc suggested.


fatdaddy 10/8/2012

I noticed you said the rpm stays up when this happens. You might have a trans filter needing replaced if it hasn't been done in a long time. That's a lot of miles not to be changed.


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