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Help 4 dodge spirit

Help 4 ... 4/7/2012

1992 Dodge Spirit Base 4 Cyl 2.50L

Preventive Maintenance

My car says hot but not smoking i have antifreeze & oil what do u think i've been told may need thermostat not mechanic

The car has121,000 mls.nothing performed on it doesn't run hot yet but inside on dash C-H it moves to H immediately but hasn't overheated. It happens while driving. It just started on Mon. April 2 2012.No check engine light on no other warning lights.It has oil & antifreeze Air doesn't work have to put antifreeze in every 2 weeks. Just want to find out problem before it's too late& find out how much it should cost before i go to a mechanic. I don't no much about cars, so i need some help. Thanks

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